Best Movies on Netflix | Top 6 Netflix Movies

Many movies are released on Netflix every month, most of the movies made by Netflix are the best, but friends, in today’s article we will tell you the best movies on Netflix Netflix is ​​a very popular online streaming platform in the present time,

where you can find different types of movies. Web series and movies are available to be seen, every year you do not say anything about the matrix, web series and movies are released which are a kind of masterpiece and people are crazy about Netflix, such content has been created through Matrix.

can hardly be recreated, so it is very popular among people, apart from Netflix, there are many online timing platforms such as Amazon Prime Video Disney Apple Plus TV HBO, so friends, which article today we know some of the best presents on Netflix Movies you must watch once

Top 6 Netflix Movies

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top six Netflix movies on Netflix. I will tell you that you must watch it once, this thing is your movie if you have less time, we have made a table under them from which you can watch movies.

Number Movie Name
1 Da 5 Bloods
2 Creep
3 The Conjuring
4 Ip Man 4
5 The Lost Daughter
6 I Lost My Body
Best Movies on Netflix | Top 6 Netflix Movies

Stay tuned with us to know more about this, we will tell you why you should watch this movie and why people are liking these movies and why I am getting more popular on Netflix Jai of movies made by net pack Movies are included in the good list In this list,

we have placed movies from everywhere so that you can enjoy all types of movies. At present, very good movies are being made by Netflix, which are quite great and the graphics are also great Netflix’s best movies are available in this list. Good money is also being invested in movies, so friends know about those 6 movies.

Da 5 Bloods

5 Bloods Shows You the Story of the Vietnam War This movie is rated 6.5 on IMDb and 92% liked by Google users on Rotendi Tomatoes, 70% liked by Google users Also on a documentary This movie is directed by Spike Lee and this movie has also won many awards such as

good participating in National Award and also won awards and friends talking about the storyline of the movie, Vietnam Battle After 40 years, four friends go to Vietnam to find the corpse of their leader their fifth friend. Went to the war, out of which four came back,

they were white Americans, while Jammu would also be made on this, then they became black Americans, that is, the story was changed in America, the fight between white and black has been going on for a long time.

They believed that at that time not only black people go to war in war, based on this or a movie has been made, definitely watch it once, but you can also watch it on Netflix.

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If friends, if you like to watch horror movies, if you are a lover of the movie, then you must try creep movie, this is the best horror movie of 2014, this movie is directed by Patrick Brice and according to the rating of the movie.

Talking about the movie, the rating of the movie is very good, you can watch this movie on Netflix, it is a great horror movie. Talking about the storyline of this movie, it is shown in the movie that a message is sent by a person to a videographer.

It is given that he has to record a video on the last day for which he will be paid good money yet goes to his house situated on a hill far away the day goes on fine but throughout the day he records his video but like When it is time for him to leave, he does not get his key to go back until he understands,

he comes to know who has made him go on the pretext of a job, then it is not like that, so from here the movie Apna Horror Angle What happens after that, friends, you have to watch a movie for this, the movie is very good. Hi I get to see you good thriller

The Conjuring

Whenever it comes to horror movies, the name The Conjuring Movie comes at the top list, which of the horror movies ever made is considered to be one of the best movies, friends, this movie on Netflix is ​​a great horror movie if you like. If you like watching horror movies, then you must try this movie once,

this movie is directed by James Wan and when it comes to the rating this movie, the rating of movie is very good, its rating is above 7 on IMDb people like this movie very much, especially people who watch horror movies, talking about the storyline of this movie, in 1971,

Caroline and Roger Peron go to their farmhouse on an island, and they shift to live there. And after coming to the farmhouse, after some time strange incidents start happening around them and they also start having strange dreams at night and they get to see strange things in that house which they do not understand yet.

call a ghost expert for the story after this you have to watch the movie or there is a great movie which you can watch on NetFlix

Ip Man 4

Friends, if you are a lover of martial arts movies and like China, then you must have seen Ip Man movies which are very great action movies, then let us tell you that you can watch Ip Man 4 Final Chapter on Netflix even if one Fantastic and full of action movie

This movie is created by Wilson Yip Movie rating is very good Most people rated this movie above 7 Netflix movie was very much liked This movie featured Ip Man’s story Whose son is kicked out of school in San Francisco and also wants to get his son admitted to a different school for which

he wanted to get the Chinese Benevolent Association recommended but the heads there don’t do it because of IP. The man is taught martial arts to the Americans, due to which he is also annoyed, this creates discrimination between the two, and the basic of the story is needed.

After this you will get to see the story in movies, the movie is very good in which you get to see good martial arts, you can watch this movie on Netflix.

The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter Clock can be streamed on Netflix, this movie was released in 2021 on net fridge Talking about the rating of this movie, the rating of this movie is above 6 on IMDb this movie is directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal and tell the story of this movie,

then Leda who is a middle-class divorced woman and she is a teacher of English takes care of her two children she is dedicated to both these works after some time Both of their daughters move to Canada to live with their father,

after which they go for a vacation to Greece, after which they get a family, after which many different types of twists start coming in their life, from where the movie The plot begins by building the country towards its story.

And the movie you get to see new plots, after that you have to go to Netflix for the movie, and then friends can watch this movie on Netflix for free.

I Lost My Body

Lost my body is an animated drama, you can watch this movie on Netflix The movie has been well-liked by many people and has given a good rating to this movie. This movie is directed by Jérémy Clapin.

Talking about the movie, you get to see fantasy romance in the movie and the story of the movie is a Parisian one.

starts with the lab Here a man who has his hand amputated has gone to join and runs to Paris to escape his fate so that they can reattach his hand and after his hand is cut off there are two more men who escape from the city.

The story of the three is linked so that he has to find out what is hidden in it. For the rest of the story, you will have to watch the movie on Netflix, the movie is very wonderful, in this you get to see an amazing animated drama from Romance Friend, you can enjoy this movie for free on Netflix.

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