Top 10 Best Web Series | Best 10 TV Shows

For the last few years, we don’t even know how many web series come and go every year, among them, there are so many great series that people remember for a long time and some remain only in numbers when did they come?

They are not known. Ever since the online streaming platform has come, since then there has been a flood of web series. Do not know how many web series are seen every month, some of them are so good that one cannot live without praising them.

Best 10 TV Shows

Web Series Name Rating IMDB
House Of Dragon 8.5/10
Ozark 8.5/10
You 7.7/10
Dexter 8.7/10
Vikings 8.5/10
Inventing Anna 6.8/10
Euphoria 8.4/10
Bridgerton 7.4/10
Feria: The Darkest Light 5.7/10
Chernobyl 9.4/10

So, friends, we know about those top ten best web series because they are very popular among people for a long time and people have liked them a lot, the web series in the top ten keep going up and down, there is no fixed scale that Which is the best and which is less but still we have brought for you the best web series which you must watch

House Of Dragon

After Game of Thrones, no web series has been made on it and inspired by Game of Thrones, we have got to see House of Dragon in 2022. The story of this series is shown 100 years before the start of Game of Thrones. Here’s the story of the Targaryen clan fighting for power and who wins and who gets the Iron Crown.


A family that lives in Chicago with two children has a lot of debt on the person that they want to pay but can’t pay so he gets many days to come yet makes a plan under which that Ozark There was a place called,

he changes his house from where he gets the job of money laundering and how is he able to save himself in the series and repay his debt or not, will be known only by seeing this person.


This is the story of a crazy lover who chases after a girl who is a psychopath who doesn’t know what he can do at any moment and also falls so madly in love with her that he goes to any extent.

works in a book store Who has a lot of knowledge and knows people very well, but for how they use their knowledge, you have to watch the web series.


Dexter Morgan is a psychopath with salt because he is a non-violent crime and he lives two lives, remains a police officer during the day and also what he does in both his lives, for this, you have to watch the web series, eight seasons so far. have arrived


Vikings is a web series very much liked by the people, in which it is shown that a person of a Viking tribe because he is a very powerful warrior who has the desire to go to different places and see them,

but the seed of Viking becomes that he wants to become such a powerful warrior. Search for a place where you can do farming and spend your life better, but in the eyes of a Viking, the world is limited there, even though he does not think so.

Inventing Anna

Investing anna investigates the case of a journalist shown in the news that money has been stolen from the lower class people by some upper class and also who has stolen it and why what is his motive behind this country or web series has been made, its first season has been released in 2022, people have liked this web series a lot.


The series shows the story of high school where how he is struggling with drugs money love and using these things following his life what story progresses what happens next with them and how they change is shown, it has been liked a lot.


England Regency era is about 8 siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family who are cousins ​​and also want to find their love. This series has been released in 2020 and so far it has 2 births

Feria: The Darkest Light

Two sisters are living their normal life but suddenly something supernatural happens in their life, on finding out that their parents were associated with some such cult which was quite dangerous and they are being killed by that cult. This leads to her death and how she survives, for this you have to watch the web series


The story of this series is based on a real story, in history, a nuclear powerhouse explodes in the city of Chornobyl and people could not understand anything or how it happened,

she also considered it common and in one night the whole city was destroyed. They are evacuated but they did not know anything, as a day or two passes,

the effect of radiation starts appearing on the people and how many people have to suffer because of one mistake. The web series is very good If you haven’t seen it yet, do watch it once.

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