Top 15 Best Web Series in Netflix

Netflix will create its own original website, which has changed the way of watching the website, in today’s time, you get to watch thousands of web series on Netflix, but the network has created some of your best web series,

which are appreciated as much as possible. Less is more and Netflix is ​​considered to be the number one platform in terms of web series in today’s time.

15 Best Web Series on Netflix

Web Series Name Rating IMDB
Stranger Things 8.7/10
Money Heist 8.2/10
the Witcher 8.2/10
Dark 8.7/10
Lock and Key 7.3/10
Kingdom 8.3/10
the Crown 8.7/10
the Haunting of Hill House 8.6/10
Breaking Bad 9.5/10
Narcos 8.8/10
the Umbrella Academy 7.9/10

So friends know about the best web series on Netflix, and they will change the way you watch web series, we have specially selected this best web series for you,  if you have not seen it before, then you must see them once. Web series will make you feel the experience of the same level, know about these best web series

Stranger Things

The story of the 1980s is seen in this web series, where a group of teenage children start disappearing in a city and children from that city, behind which a different reason comes to the fore, hidden from the people by the government.

Some experiments are done and from there a child goes missing from where the story starts taking its best turn. What is the most popular web series created by Netflix?

money heist

Money Heist is a Spanish web series which was very much liked by the people. Professor Chowki is in the lead role in this web series. He has been studying for a long time to commit this theft.

is planning and gathering a team to execute the same and steal it from the Bank of Spain which is said to be the biggest heist in the world

The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia who is a mutant and kills monsters, does all this work in exchange for some money from people and continues on his way but along with that some other stories also go on with him or the web series the witcher game Based on this web series,

you get to see the best graphics and action-adventure, it is one of the best web series made by Netflix, if you have not seen it yet, then definitely watch it once.


Suddenly children start disappearing in a Germantown and what is the mystery behind this, a lot is tried to know but as time passes, the children become more and more disappearing. There is a web series that you have to watch all its seasons to understand,

in the initial time you do not understand anything, and even till the completion of the web series, people do not get to know its story and base.

lock and key

A family move from their city house to an old house, there are three siblings and the house they come to is named House, but in the evening they get some keys one by one and each key has a different type of power.

By using which one can become a super powerful man or person, they get many keys in the whole house, which have different power, along with the many people who want to get the key.


The kingdom is a Korean series that shows a disease that causes people to suddenly turn into a strange man who is in a room of zombies and they are moving forward, capturing the capital and all the kingdoms, but no one knows about it.

It is not news that a prince goes there to find out because there is a lot to see, whether he can stop it or not, all this is seen in this web series.

The Crown

Netflix’s Chrome web series is very famous, in this show the journey of Queen Elizabeth, and how she kept her empire from 1940 to the present day. While she had to become queen at a young age and many big conspiracies were hatched but how did she survive them all

The Haunting Of Hill House

A horror web series presented by Netflix, which has only one season so far, it is a great horror web series, it shows the story of a family they have some strange incidents that happen to them in their future as well. keeps doing that which is awful

breaking bad

A chemistry teacher comes to know from the doctor that he is going to die of cancer and has a lot of debt on his head which he wants to pay before he dies and even after that he makes such drugs with his knowledge of chemistry.  Because never made before and also sells a lot and selling it he earns so much money that he could not even imagine


This website has been very liked by people, the web series is a story based on the life of Pablo Escobar, and how Netflix became the world’s biggest drug mafia, so far it has made three seasons in all three, from its beginning to its end. Shows how he built an empire and how it was destroyed

The Umbrella Academy

It is shown in the series that a millionaire person adopts 7 children but those children have superpowers but they do not know how to use them, even after seeing that, the person starts The Umbrella Academy because it protects the world.

And all protect the people from the dangers coming from outside but one day someone kills the millionaire person who had adopted them, what do you want to find out who did this and who was behind it.

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